Another year for the Bronco’s in the books

Another season completed for the SCVAA 6th grade Broncos!  While the team did not make it to the Championship game as we have in years past – the kids played hard and made significant improvement throughout the year which is what it is all about.

I have helped coach Simon’s football team the last 2 years and the last 3 of 4.  Next year Simon will playing for the Jr. High team (Gulp!) and my schedule won’t allow me to help coach.  It has been a lot of fun working with the kids over the last few years and watching their skills improve year over year.  I probably have had more fun than the kids and feel I have positioned myself well for the Ohio State job when it opens. :)

As for Simon, he had an absolute blast playing and really came into his own this year.  He was able to play a lot of downs on both sides of the ball which was a great opportunity for him.

He played primarily center on offense…

20120922 MG 3209


And tackle on defense…Yep, there is some poor soul under Simon about to meet the ground.



20120929 MG 3349


This was one of his favorite moments of the year, he broke into the backfield found the QB & running back was not sure which one to tackle so he tackled both!


20121006 MG 3430


A great year and a great group of kids!

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